Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tour of Moyo Hill

Welcome to Moyo Hill campus! I will be your guide for this incredibly short virtual tour of our humble abode.
First, we will enter through to the fantastically mural covered front gate. We have to sign in and out every time we go into town or for a run. We also have a strict 6:30 pm curfew because there are resident hyenas not very far from us. They can often be heard late at night. So if you don't want to get eaten, get home on time!
Robert and the wall
 We then enter the enter the main courtyard area complete with a gazebo in the center. Proceed slowly, the stairs are of varying height and steepness and it is rather easy to face plant on your way up or down. 
You can also see the all important laundry station in the background. I have yet to perfect the art of washing clothes by hand. My clothes come out dirtier than when I started. They don't smell, though so I consider that a success.  

 Now, step lively folks. When we turn the corner you will find the best and newest of the 6 bandas, Kicheche! The other bandas are Nyati (buffalo), Kifaru (rhino), Simba (lion), Tembo (elephant), and Chui (leopard), otherwise known as the big five. What is a kicheche you ask? That is a very good question. There was a long debate between the professors about what Kicheche means in english. Honey badger? African skunk? I believe they finally agreed on a striped pole cat or a zorilla. Google it. I've never heard of them before either. 
The most appealing aspect of Kicheche, though, is not it's bizarre name, but it's lovely inhabitants including crickets, wolf spiders, cockroaches (they are much prettier in Africa), and yours truly. My all time favorite sitting ledge for studying and bird watching is noted in the picture below. 

We will end our tour just across the way from Kicheche at the brandy new gazebo, completed less than 3 days ago! It was fascinating to watch the construction from my ledge. The construction workers are very skilled and complete everything by hand!

Locations that did not make this tour are the dining hall, which you can find bordering the courtyard and row of bandas. This is a crucial location as it also houses the resident duka manned but none other than Moses himself. Even if you are stuffed to the brim with chapati and ugali and veggies and meat, Moses can convince you to sell your soul for a Twix and a coke (It is true that Coke tastes better in a glass bottle in a foreign country). 
"Karibuni, rafiki! Come in! Come in!" 
You can also find the classroom and local staff housing on the opposite side of campus past the volley ball. 
We hope you enjoyed this tour of the Moyo Hill Campus and we hope to see you again soon! Feel free to ask me any questions and enjoy your stay!

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