Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tarangire Part II

 Let's continue. This is still Day 1 Tarangire. Wanna see some big cats? 
Of course you do. 
 Why hello young male lions! They were hiding and napping behind a tree so there are few good pictures of these guys. 
Behold the Leopard. The car in front of us stopped to look at a tree. If they hadn't stopped, we would have driven right past this beautiful man. 
He hid in the branches for a long time…
And then he showed us his whole face! 

Oh hello there!

Day 2, Tarangire we went to the lodge and lounged around like lions during the heat of the day. 
Here are my beautiful Banda mates and I in front of the amazing view from the lodge patio!
Kicheche Right!
My friend, Caroline being adorable! Notice the wall she is sitting on...

Out of nowhere this little Dik Dik comes flying by!
Action shot!
If this isn't a model pose, I don't know what is. 
Those eyes though...
One of about 10 giraffes that were browsing not more than 40 meters from the road!

Before this trip I didn't even know these stunning creatures existed. Aren't waterbucks so pretty? These two are part of a massive herd of females we passed several times. 

Day 2 ended with a you-guys-we're-in-Africa moment. 


  1. Lily is going crazy over these leopard pictures. She said "I must be dreaming!"