Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tarangire Expedition Part I

 Prepare yourselves, lovelies. I am about to drop 3 posts worth of stunning photos of African animals. Ready? Twende!

On the first day of Management class, our professor showed us pictures of the infamous one horned impala in Tarangire. He was the first animal we saw in the park! I'd also like to note my driver that day was the afore mentioned professor!
Unicorn Impala
Later that day we encountered a herd of about baby impala and their mommies. There were at least 10 babies that our professors said were born just this past rainy season.  

Impala Kindergarten 
No stories for these ladies. They just rock.
A flock of female ostriches
Sometimes the wildlife just knows you are trying to take their photo and they pose for you like pros. 
Stunning jackal
Lavender Bellied Roller
Can you see the tiny baby hiding under mommy??
 More elephants frolicking in the river. Yes they were spraying water!
Elephant Pool Party
I apologize for my insanely white girl moment. It was necessary. 

Elephant Selfie
That's it for part I. Stick around! It gets better!!

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