Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tarangire Part III

Part III! There was left wildlife in the last 3 days of our expedition but it was still blog worthy.

We went on a field exercise interviewing the local community about forest conservation. Our guide Nicodemas was extremely helpful and spoke at least 3 languages!

Group 5 killin it!
 That afternoon we went on a bush walk. I don't know why we expected more. It was exactly what it sounds like. We walked through the desolate wasteland in the heat of the day. They made it sound educational by saying "pretend you are a Zebra trekking through the migration corridor looking for food and water!" Welp. That's certainly what it felt like when we started to run low on water. This picture is to give you all an idea of how far behind I was. Caroline and I just went our own pace and yelled "KWA NINI??" 
"Where are we even going right now??"

This made it worth it! There was a harem of Zebra grazing on our way back to camp. The male was not to pleased with our presence to I tried to be quick with my pictures…
Vigilant male guarding his ladies
But, again I couldn't resist!
Me and the Zebras
 I'll leave you with a classic Tanzanian sunset. 
I hoped you enjoyed this expedition as much as I did! Time to enjoy our one day off before another 9 days of classes!


  1. Julia--Great pictures and narrative. I almost feel like I'm right there with you. Thank you so much for sharing with us armchair travelers.

  2. Great pictures and commentary - so enjoying your posts!

  3. Looks great! I would like to go on a safari some day. My daughter spent a month in Kenya while a senior in high school and loved it! A blog is a great way to document your "journey".