Friday, September 12, 2014

More Manyara

I promised more pictures of my days in Lake Manyara National Park so here they are! Enjoy!

This Hornbill was chatting up a storm with its friend 3 trees over!

This is a male Vervet Monkey chilling in the trees. Yes, those are his bright turquoise testicles. No, I did not sensor this stellar picture. 
It's nature. Deal with it.  

Pumbaa!! This is a Desert Warthog and he was foraging with some buddies. They're just not in this picture. 

The next few pictures were taken at the Hippo Pool Lookout. There were several herds drinking and grazing. Other groups saw some hippos but I just missed them!




  1. Great pix - keep them coming so we can vicariously share your trip!

  2. Julia--I'm enjoying your Journey. Thanks for sharing the adventure.

  3. Sounds like you are have an exciting time - love your pictures and commentary! And the scenery is just amazing!

  4. I would think that seeing so many animals, as well as traipsing through the wilderness, you would like some cookies. I asked Fred last week about sending you cookies, and he said I shouldn't send them because the government there would confiscate them as contraband! I said to him that I would not send any, because they did not deserve to eat my delicious cookies. Fred laughed, and pointed out they would probably throw them away, and not eat them. Well, cookies as good as mine deserve to be eaten! Also, I think he's wrong and they would eat them.